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Something happened!!!! [Oct. 4th, 2016|11:27 pm]
This evening found me working late in the nearly empty office building when I was suddenly startled by a NOISE down the hallway.
I have no idea what it really was, but it sounded like Bephomet.
It was a kind of goaty, phlemy, subhuman screech uttered from something raised deep in the bowels of the continent, nurtured on darkness and malvolent plumes of toxic smoke.
I think it was definitely Bephomet, though it could also have been a French woman.

I closed the office door.
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Still nothing happening on the homefront [Oct. 4th, 2016|11:39 am]
Anyan hurt her neck. I was freaking out but it's better now.

I gained weight. However, now that the pool is open again I'll probably lose it quickly enough.
It was closed from June 15 to September 15th for renovation.
I asked them what they "renovated" for those 3 months during ALL THE SUMMER that it was closed,
and they told me the vibrations from the recently built subterranian parking lot next door caused fissures in the bottom of the pool.
So I asked the obvious - "Will there be more fissures next summer?"
And received the impecably French response - "A priori, non."

-_- France why u do this to me?
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Oh yeah I have one of these [Aug. 26th, 2016|05:32 pm]
I do. It's here. Huh.

Since my last post I've went on vacation to Italy and Spain (Barcelona 4 Teh Win), went back to the US for not vacation, had 2 weddings (neither of them mine), become an オカルトFANCLUB member via my awesome オカルトFANCLUB membership card (without the Play Bandai games every day! part...freedom!), caught a Blastoise outside my window, read a really good book (We have Always Lived in the Castle), discovered the incredible existence of the flyboard, and someone stole my FUCK YOU sandals.

I'm also feeling ever so slightly gassy today.

That's about it.

Ohoh wait except it's not. My friend's job got outsourced to India and I don't even have my FUCK YOU sandals to wave in my company's managements' collective asshat face of I HATE YOU ALL.
THAT is the end.
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恋のバカンス! [May. 7th, 2016|10:30 pm]

We walked from Fira to Ia on Santorini today, and stopped at this monastery waaayy up on the highest hill to take a picture...
I'll post it on FB and send it to you I think.
It didn't turn out as desired thanks to a certain something that happened.

Greece is great, even though a lot of stuff is much more expensive than it should be for a country in an economic crisis.
The ancient agora and all the ruins in Athens are totally worth it.
The sea was too cold to swim in but I did anyway to get to the "hot" springs. They were actually just lukewarm springs, and filled with brown sediment from the active volcano next to them. But I liked them.
There are black beaches with volcanic stones for sand, and white houses with round roofs that they actually manage to keep clean.
It's much, much cleaner and friendlier than Paris is.
And there are very nice gifts for little girls. VERY nice gifts.
There are also, incidentially, gifts that will require uncle involvement and potentially annoy said uncles.

Also I found kedi.

1. Mangey Kitty. She seemed like she had been ill, but that now someone was taking care of her. It reminded me of Anyan when I first brought her home so I cried. She wasn't really mangey, just skinny.
2. Black Kitty. He's the hotel cat. He follows me around and jumped in the window to snuggle on the bed with me after rolling in chalk and becoming White Kitty.
3. Little Kitty. Really friendly kitty who ran over to meet me every time I passed by and sat on my lap.
4. Sister Kitty. Little Kitty's half blind sister. She took longer to warm up to me and them wanted to follow me home so I had to run away.

They have stray cats here, but they really do take care of them, unlike in Turkey.
If they get sick, you can tell that they're being treated.
It makes me feel a lot better knowing that.

The only thing I hate here is the god damn donkey people.
They sit there near mountains and at the old port and pester you to buy a donkey ride like they were some sort of Turkish or something.
If you don't and just walk up the hill, they steer their donkeys into you.
Also there's donkey poo all over the mountain and Old Port paths.
Stupid ass donkey people. I boycott you!
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Oups [Apr. 24th, 2016|01:12 am]
It's been over a month and I forgot to update again...
Probably because I can't go to the pool until my eye heals.
Thus time stands still. For me and for all.

My eye is much, much better but still not perfect.
I'll give it another 2 weeks and then Imma swim damnit!

I have all my documents finally.
Now all that's left is to get them translated...for 40 euro each.
do you know what they do to "translate" them?
They stick the info in a pre-made template and demand 40 euro for that.
My translator blood is boiling at the indignity of even calling it translation.
It's data entry for 14 year old who need summer jobs. Or monkeys who need summer jobs.
I don't like teenagers so take that teenagers.

I'm thinking I don't like teenagers because I've become old.
Today I put oil on my face. I'm pretty sure that's a sign that you're an Old.
When you're young you spend all your time trying to get it off.
When you're old, you pay money to put it on...
I mean gosh, if I had known I'd have saved my teenage face oil in a big, oily, tissuey box for later use.

...or not.

Point is it smells like roses and I put it on my face.
It was a gift so at least I didn't BUY it. You know? lol
That's the bright side. The murky, doldrummy side is that someone thought it was time I started using it. Ehhhhhhhh...
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よかった! [Mar. 31st, 2016|01:12 am]
Well, number 5 and 7 in my list of ugh are no longer an issue.
Number 4 is only half an issue.

5. I'm level C1 in French and I only needed to be B1. TCF ANF passed. Check.

7. It turns out my best friend in France is The Exalead Grand Master.
He probably knows it better than the people who made it.
So he helped me out with the technical basics, and now I can do them on my own.
Scary project should be done in less than a week - check.

...which is good because I didn't know it until a little while ago, but the application is a demand from the Chief Sales Officer...CSO?? Scary, that.

My colleague is doing the stuff he should be now too. Wooh.
And I decided I don't care what the other people say because that Chinese super virus'll probably kill them all sooner or later. They're old.

4. The state found my name change documents.

On the downside my eye is still blurry and Stinky Kitty is still broken.
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Oh yeah so [Mar. 13th, 2016|12:14 am]
I'm pretty sure no one but Hanachan reads this, which is why I kinda stopped writing.
Also because I don't have much to say - my life is a book of boredom.

I guess I can start by saying that 2016 is absolute shit. desolee pour le gros mot, hein.
Non, je plaisante - je ne suis pas de tout desolee :P Va t'en, 2016!

First everyone around me is just stressed and generally unhappy about their life situations.
Then, for me personally all in the past month, there have been...

!. My cavity was not sealed properly 7 or 8 years back and the entire tooth rotted from the inside out. Had to get a crown like an old people. At least it's completely covered by my mutuelle.

2. I got lasik. It hasn't been too long since it was done, but you know. It's 3000 euro and I only get 1100 back from my mutuelle. So I'm short 1900 euro. Also my eyes are still healing so I can't go out so much and I have to wear lame sunglasses all the time, even at night. PLUS the left eye is still really hazy...I hope it's just recicatrised and will be better by Monday. If not...urk. I didn't know what else to do so I covered the sunglasses with children's stickers. And I can't go swimming for over a month :(
Also it's really really friggin creepy that I paid someon 1900 euro to pretty much cut my eye open while I watched with the EYE THEY'RE CUTTING OPEN. Then they burned it and I could smell my eye burning lol

3. After holding out for 2 years, I finally had to transfer money back to the US to keep paying my student loans. With the current exchange rate, 1 euro = almost exactly 1 usd. I lost 30% of the value of my money (about 600 usd) automatically. Plus I'm out the 2000 euro I transfered.

4. I'm preparing my folder for French nationality. They want a little short of 1,000,000 different documents. One of them is my name change papers. When I was 10 days old my parents removed my mother's maiden name from my last name. Anyhow, parents lost the papers, lost the reference number I would need to get a copy of the papers, don't quite know where they had it done, and don't really want to try getting it. Stress. After I get all the papers, I'll need to have official translations done for 6 of them and, from what I understand, French translation agencies charge 70 euro a pop for that nonsense. 420 euros more gone...

5. 2 days after the lasik I had my CTF ANF, the French language test for the nationality. I'm just generally worried I didn't pass because my accent in French is so bad. Hey, I've got a good accent in Japanese and Chinese. What the hell does the world want from me? French vowels! Arrrgh. Oh yeah, if I didn't pass I'll have to do it again in 3 months, which will delay my application greatly and cost another 100 euro.

6. Anyan broke her tooth. The vet said it's fine but I just feel really bad about it. My poor, stinky kitty. I'm sure it's my fault and I'm a terrible mommy.

7. Work. I have a new project at work which I accepted to do cause I was bored. What was I thinking? I have to learn to program in Exalead, starting from scratch. No one outside of my company uses Exalead. Clients are demanding, skill non-transmutable. Too late to back out.

Then, I found out from my spy friend that people I've never met before are saying I'm never at work, and when I am I take 2 hours coffee breaks and am never at my desk. They are saying I would be fired if it were allowed in France. This is..weird...because I probably put in more hours at work, working, than French people do. They just can't understand this because I stay until 9pm, don't take 2 hour lunches, and am busy speaking with the developers in their offices most of the time. French people, in general, are narrow minded idiots. They also spend all their time gossiping because they don't actually do anything at work. They may also be jealous of me cause I'm smart and, according to them, have a great body (they really are idiots with terrible taste in everything)...or...whatever. Their bitchiness reasons don't interest me.
At any rate, I'm not worried about the rumor because no one who's ever actually worked with me would agree. My boss, the developers, and everyone I support are really happy with what I do and know how hard I work. I'm just pissed that I'm not allowed to kick people in the office and tell them their mouths are useless. Allez vous en, work people!

Other than that, I've just had generally huge problems with my direct teammates (not working, incidentially lol) and my manager got annoyed with me for it. But that...well, I hope that soon that will be resolved. I think we finally agree that I'm the only one NOT at fault. Still, I don't wanna deal with this bs. I like wa, man. wa.

8. It's gonna be Trump vs Hillary. They're both dickheads.

So yeah, basically I've spent the past month with various health problems and, what with taxes and unusual expenses and money transfers to pay for my COMPLETELY OVERRATEd ANd OVERPRICEd COLLEGE EdUCATION, I'm poor. I'm even more poor because I have to wait for my mutuelle to remburse me. So...in on month...about 8000 euro poorer. That's pretty friggin impressively dismal. It's probably a good thing I can't see well enough to do stuff... ;_;

Oh yeah, the internetz will tell you "va t'en", "allez vous en", etc means "go away." lol
No. Not quite. It's a bit stronger than that.
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I went to India [Dec. 22nd, 2015|05:51 pm]
It was great, but it took me a while to realize just HOW MUCH they were raising the prices on us.
I expected 30-50% like in Turkey, not 400%! lol
Then, once I figured it out, I spent the whole time arguing with people to lower their prices.
Even for water! Friggin water!
Anyhow yeah, general rule is to tell them you'll pay 1/5 the price they ask for, and then "negotiate" up to 1/4 the price, even if the price is marked on the item and it says "no negotiating" on the walls.

Other than that, India is fabulous. I'd love to go back!
The people who aren't out for your money are so nice and the food is wonderful and the culture is really different from anything I've ever seen and...*sigh*
Yeah it's dirty in some parts of Delhi.
There's also a bunch of poverty but well, I dunno. I guess I'm mean. It didn't bother me.
Maybe that has something to do with the fact that the Indian economy is one of the fastest growing and they've taken my job, my father's job (twice), and my friend's jobs.
They'll be alright in a few decades. Plus I help CATS. Can't help everyone.

The funniest part of the trip was the burping man though, by far.
We stayed in a 8 bed hostel room for a while. Two of the other guests were really fun, but the others who came and went were not savory lol
First there was the crazy lying lady who smelled like vomit and wouldn't let us open the doors or windows to get rid of her puke smell XD
I think she was some kind of eastern european.

Then there was the burping man.
A couple hours before bedtime a family came in to the hostel - mom, dad, 2 boys, and a girl.
The girl and mom got their own room for decency's sake, and the 3 remaining dudes took the 3 beds left in our room.
The father said nothing the entire time.
He just burped and made weird noises.
I'm not even talking weird dad noises - more like hacking noises, donkey noises, dinosaur noises? I dunno. It was bizarre man.
Then he woke us up at 7 or 8 in the morning chanting in the shower.
We parlayed a bit and decided to let him keep chanting because it was an improvement compared to before XDD

Also I went to Kamir's, best place in Delhi for traditional Indian food.
It's also a hole in the wall in the Old Town for about 2€ a meal.
The fan blew chopped up pieces of bugs onto my plate XD
But really, it's worth it.

Other than that, my friend's marriage was beautiful...I really, really want to go back to see the South, Est, West, and Center of India some day.
Some day....*sigh*
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worms worms worms [Nov. 19th, 2015|05:34 pm]
Well, my self confidence is shot.
The only thing that makes this ok is I don't care much for that stuff anyway.

None of my friends were shot.
For this I am thankfull.
Less than a dozen people tried to contact me to see if I was ok.
How many of my friends who didn't get shot are really my friends?

No one wants to do anything anymore cause they're afraid of going outside.
What's the point of valuing your life if you're too afraid to LIVE?
I'm tempted to get back in contact with someone I shouldn't talk to anymore...
At least they don't let things like this stop them from living.
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Coin Locker Babies [Oct. 2nd, 2015|04:11 pm]
Hm...2 months this time.
I went to Turkey with Hanachan, and then came back and wanted to tell Hanachan, and ONLY Hanachan, all about Turkey.
Except he'd been there with me already so that was kind of frustrating lol
It's ok though because I'm going to India for a marriage in December, and I'll be able to tell him (you) all about that.
It's ok - I know you're the only one who has even a chance of reading my defunct Eljay lol

I started reading Coin Locker Babies.
It's not a feel good book, with all of its messed up characters and inexplicable, meaningless death and violence, but...I like it.
I RELATE to it much more than I would another stupid self discovery story or a romance or some other sucky "literature" like that.

The sky has been very blue this week.
It has a strange effect of making everything that stands against it - buildings, trees, people - look like paper cut-outs from a 2D world that don't really exist.
I like this.
Current theory is that we are all 3D projections from a 2D horizon.
I don't know if I believe it or not, but it's ok because it is science, and science is only right until someone proves it wrong.
They do, always, prove it wrong eventually.
Anthropology had the right idea in declaring itself not a science.
Now science just needs to have the right idea and declare itself an Anthropology.

I personally think humans are incapable of understanding anything about who we are or where we are.
I think I know WHY we are...the answer is "for no particular reason".
My favorite theory is that a group of college students had to do a project together, and 3 of them did nothing while the 4th did the best he could in the last week before the deadline and scraped a C out by creating our universe.

Surprisingly, most people have a hard time accepting this theory.
They need meaning or whatever. Well, wtvr.
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