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I still exist [May. 28th, 2017|01:14 am]
Sometimes I really think I keep posting here as a habit of continued existance.

I saw Alien-Covenant. It was terrible lol
However, the guy saying "Here, let me finger you." to himself during the music scene was hillarious.
Especially since we were the only ones in the theater who got it.
Yaaay anglophony!

Also, oddly, the kiss didn't make me go bleah with my normal vehemence.
I guess I can stomach robot men kissing themselves.
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Ouf [Apr. 4th, 2017|01:14 am]
I had a birthday. I tried to hide it from people but some remembered.
They told my colleagues and everyone got me a cake and champaigne and stuff...

It was really nice of them. I feel indebted now.

Anyhow, no India trip cause I'm poor and need to save up at the moment.
But even if I weren't, it turned out the only other people I know who could go are a married couple with a 3 year old...
It's not exactly the kind of company I had envisioned lol
So I guess it's all for the best.
We're all going to Goa in december to hang out with the bride and groom instead.

I caught a togechikku. Life sucks. The End.
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Encore l'Inde...? [Feb. 3rd, 2017|02:52 am]
Haha there are places in Europe I haven't been yet, where I keep wanting to go.
Scottland Ireland, denmark, rest of Spain, Corsica...

But another of my friends in India is getting married.
God damnit lol How am I going to explore Europe if I keep having awesome reasons to go to India!
This time I'm thinking of trying to hit up Goa and Pune.

But I might get a t-shirt printed before I go that says "NO. NO TUK-TUK. GO AWAY"

Friggin tuk-tuks lol
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Déjà 二ヶ月?!? [Jan. 11th, 2017|07:40 pm]
Time sure flies when you're remembering to update your defunct LJ lol

I saved a kedi.
A really fluffy, sweet, black kedi.
As in I picked her up off the street, brought her to the vet, and found her a foster home.

I passed on the info to friends and friends of friends, etc, until someone adopted her.
In all honesty, it was my friend who found her the forever home. So my friend is the hero.
But I am the assistant hero.

This is probably one of the only things I've done in my life that I feel is meaningful.

Let's just hope Trump doesn't set off WWIII now and kill her.
The Kremlin's saying it "doesn't gather information to use against people."
XDDDD Excuse me while I laugh and flick them off.
Hey, LJAY! Yeah you, you Russians up there!
...screz you almost as bad as the soon to be American presiloser ;_;
What's wrong with the world? (aside from the good old stupid lcd)
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I randomly hate stuff [Nov. 4th, 2016|06:27 pm]
Today I randomly hate everything and I'm bored.
There's no one piece next week.
This is life.
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Something happened!!!! [Oct. 4th, 2016|11:27 pm]
This evening found me working late in the nearly empty office building when I was suddenly startled by a NOISE down the hallway.
I have no idea what it really was, but it sounded like Bephomet.
It was a kind of goaty, phlemy, subhuman screech uttered from something raised deep in the bowels of the continent, nurtured on darkness and malvolent plumes of toxic smoke.
I think it was definitely Bephomet, though it could also have been a French woman.

I closed the office door.
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Still nothing happening on the homefront [Oct. 4th, 2016|11:39 am]
Anyan hurt her neck. I was freaking out but it's better now.

I gained weight. However, now that the pool is open again I'll probably lose it quickly enough.
It was closed from June 15 to September 15th for renovation.
I asked them what they "renovated" for those 3 months during ALL THE SUMMER that it was closed,
and they told me the vibrations from the recently built subterranian parking lot next door caused fissures in the bottom of the pool.
So I asked the obvious - "Will there be more fissures next summer?"
And received the impecably French response - "A priori, non."

-_- France why u do this to me?
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Oh yeah I have one of these [Aug. 26th, 2016|05:32 pm]
I do. It's here. Huh.

Since my last post I've went on vacation to Italy and Spain (Barcelona 4 Teh Win), went back to the US for not vacation, had 2 weddings (neither of them mine), become an オカルトFANCLUB member via my awesome オカルトFANCLUB membership card (without the Play Bandai games every day! part...freedom!), caught a Blastoise outside my window, read a really good book (We have Always Lived in the Castle), discovered the incredible existence of the flyboard, and someone stole my FUCK YOU sandals.

I'm also feeling ever so slightly gassy today.

That's about it.

Ohoh wait except it's not. My friend's job got outsourced to India and I don't even have my FUCK YOU sandals to wave in my company's managements' collective asshat face of I HATE YOU ALL.
THAT is the end.
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恋のバカンス! [May. 7th, 2016|10:30 pm]

We walked from Fira to Ia on Santorini today, and stopped at this monastery waaayy up on the highest hill to take a picture...
I'll post it on FB and send it to you I think.
It didn't turn out as desired thanks to a certain something that happened.

Greece is great, even though a lot of stuff is much more expensive than it should be for a country in an economic crisis.
The ancient agora and all the ruins in Athens are totally worth it.
The sea was too cold to swim in but I did anyway to get to the "hot" springs. They were actually just lukewarm springs, and filled with brown sediment from the active volcano next to them. But I liked them.
There are black beaches with volcanic stones for sand, and white houses with round roofs that they actually manage to keep clean.
It's much, much cleaner and friendlier than Paris is.
And there are very nice gifts for little girls. VERY nice gifts.
There are also, incidentially, gifts that will require uncle involvement and potentially annoy said uncles.

Also I found kedi.

1. Mangey Kitty. She seemed like she had been ill, but that now someone was taking care of her. It reminded me of Anyan when I first brought her home so I cried. She wasn't really mangey, just skinny.
2. Black Kitty. He's the hotel cat. He follows me around and jumped in the window to snuggle on the bed with me after rolling in chalk and becoming White Kitty.
3. Little Kitty. Really friendly kitty who ran over to meet me every time I passed by and sat on my lap.
4. Sister Kitty. Little Kitty's half blind sister. She took longer to warm up to me and them wanted to follow me home so I had to run away.

They have stray cats here, but they really do take care of them, unlike in Turkey.
If they get sick, you can tell that they're being treated.
It makes me feel a lot better knowing that.

The only thing I hate here is the god damn donkey people.
They sit there near mountains and at the old port and pester you to buy a donkey ride like they were some sort of Turkish or something.
If you don't and just walk up the hill, they steer their donkeys into you.
Also there's donkey poo all over the mountain and Old Port paths.
Stupid ass donkey people. I boycott you!
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Oups [Apr. 24th, 2016|01:12 am]
It's been over a month and I forgot to update again...
Probably because I can't go to the pool until my eye heals.
Thus time stands still. For me and for all.

My eye is much, much better but still not perfect.
I'll give it another 2 weeks and then Imma swim damnit!

I have all my documents finally.
Now all that's left is to get them translated...for 40 euro each.
do you know what they do to "translate" them?
They stick the info in a pre-made template and demand 40 euro for that.
My translator blood is boiling at the indignity of even calling it translation.
It's data entry for 14 year old who need summer jobs. Or monkeys who need summer jobs.
I don't like teenagers so take that teenagers.

I'm thinking I don't like teenagers because I've become old.
Today I put oil on my face. I'm pretty sure that's a sign that you're an Old.
When you're young you spend all your time trying to get it off.
When you're old, you pay money to put it on...
I mean gosh, if I had known I'd have saved my teenage face oil in a big, oily, tissuey box for later use.

...or not.

Point is it smells like roses and I put it on my face.
It was a gift so at least I didn't BUY it. You know? lol
That's the bright side. The murky, doldrummy side is that someone thought it was time I started using it. Ehhhhhhhh...
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